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Practical information

Most conference attendees who are not from Serbia will be staying at the studio apartments Konak Kralj Aleksandar (Bulеvаr Krаlја Аlеksаndrа 75-The King Alexandar Boulevard 75).  

There is an exchange office at the airport where you can buy local currency (Serbian dinar-RSD). There are plenty of exchange offices throughout the city, but we recommend that you exchange at least some money to local currency at the airport because you can pay for the taxi or whatever else only in local currency.  

Here is the map of the airport to help you navigate: LINK

There are several options to get to the city from the airport. An airport shuttle van line A1 will drive to Slavija square for approx. 10 Euros, from where you can take a taxi to your studio apartments or walk. The city bus line 72 will get you to Zeleni Venac from where you can also take a taxi to your hotel. It’s a 40 minute drive through the suburbs and it will cost you less than 2 Euros. Here is a link with more details about the buses: LINK

We`d recommend taking a taxi because it can get you directly to your hotel. Taxi service from the airport is strictly regulated. It will probably cost you about 1800 RSD (about 15 Euros). Please get a voucher from the info desk and pay for it depending on the zone you are going into and then you can pay the cabby with the voucher.  Please don't go directly to a taxi without it. Here is the link with instructions how to use this taxi service: LINK

The address you should give to a cabby is Konak Kralja Aleksandra or Student Hall "Lola" (Bulеvаr Krаlја Аlеksаndrа 75). You then check in at the main entrance. We arranged also that someone will be there to assist you. As soon as we obtain your arrival timetables, everything should be fine.