Aleksandar Damjanović

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Vojin Rakić

Aleksandar G. Damjanović, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, has been working since 1994 at the Institute/Clinic of Psychiatry, Clinical Center of Serbia. For the last seven years he has been holding the position of the Head of the Department for Affective Disorders. He has also been a member of the teaching staff of the Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, since 1997, where he was first appointed to be a Teaching Assistant, thereafter Assistant Professor, while since 2012 he has been holding the position of Associate Professor of Psychiatry 
The scientific opus of Aleksandar Damjanović comprises of 193 publications, out of which in 60 he appeared as the first author, in 19 as the sole author, and in 44 as a supervisor. He has published 79 in extenso papers: 12 papers in journals indexed in Current Contents, 3 papers in SCI Expanded journals, 11 works included in the database MEDLINE, and 53 in journals that are not included in the previous database. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia, he participated in several research projects since 1991, in which he fostered the scientific progress of a number of younger colleagues. Within his research work, his hermeneutics of psychiatric disorders and neuroscience in general, has enabled the significant publications in the field of psychiatry. 
The clinical and scientific work of Damjanović predominantly includes research in the field of biological psychiatry (phenomenology of psychotic and affective disorders, targeted and specific pharmacotherapy, genetics, identification of risk factors), with special emphasis on the specific aspects of antipsychotic therapy, and affective disorder. Parallel to these studies, Damjanović focuses his work on the philosophical (bioethical) and cultural elements embedded within psychiatry.