Jelena Dačković

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Jelena Dačković was born in 1971 in Belgrade. She finished Mathematical High School "Veljko Vlahovic" and graduated at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade (1997), with average grade 9.36. As of August 2000 she has been employed at the Institute of Neurology, Clinical Center of Serbia. After completing specialization in neurology in 2003, she started working at the Department for Cognitive and Behavioral Impairments. As of 2010, she has been working at the Department for Multiple Sclerosis and other Immune-mediated Disorders of the CNS. In addition to clinical practice, she is involved in neuropsychological testing of patients with multiple sclerosis. She participates in clinical trials of new drugs in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Dr Dačković became a Master of Science at the School of Medicine in Belgrade in 2010 with final exam entitled: "Executive functions in patients with subcortical ischemic vascular disease", under mentorship of Professor Gordana Ocić and Professor Tatjana Stošić Opinćal. She is finishing her Doctoral Thesis with the title: "Assessment of cognitive status in patients with different clinical phenotypes of multiple sclerosis" under mentorships of Professor Jelena Drulović.

Dr Dačković attended a two years Research Ethics Training Program, Icahn School of Medicine, NIH Fogarty International Program "Research Ethics Education in the Balkans and Black Sea Countries", with collaboration of the University of Belgrade School of Medicine. Her inal assignment of this program is the thesis "Neurological basis of morality", under mentorship Professor Vojin Rakić.

She showed great interest in the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis, demyelinating and immune-mediated diseases of the central nervous system, autoimmune and metabolic encephalopathies. Also, she is interested in research of cognitive and behavioral disorders in patients with immune-mediated diseases of the central nervous system and research of neurological basis of morality.

She is a member of: Serbian Medical Chamber, Society of Serbian Neurologists, European Federation of Neurological Societies, World Federation of Neurology and Specialized Commission for Indication of Interferon-beta in MS at the Neurology Clinic, Clinical Centre of Serbia.

Dr Dačković is the author and co-author of papers in the field of cognitive impairments, multiple sclerosis and hereditary neuropathies, which were published in foreign and domestic scientific journals. She is a co-author of the monograph "Multiple sclerosis".