Katrien Devolder

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Kaatrien Devolder

Katrien Devolder is a Research Fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders and Bioethics Institute Ghent, Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences, Ghent University. Katrien’s research interest lies in practical ethics. Her main aims are to clarify and tackle ethical questions raised by science and medicine, to advance philosophical understanding of the theoretical issues on which these questions turn, and to inform relevant public policy and debate. In her research to date, she has pursued these aims by examining the ethical debates surrounding cloning, stem cell research and genetic selection. She has also worked on ethical issues relating to the ‘chemical castration’ of sex offenders. She has published extensively on these issues in the most important international peer-reviewed journals in bioethics as well as in science journals. She is the author, together with Johan Braeckman, of a monograph on the ethics of human cloning (Leuven University Press 2001), and is currently finalizing a book(OUP) in which she criticizes the most popular compromise positions in the embryonic stem cell debate.