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Ongoing CSB projects

EU projects:

COST Action IS1201 “Disaster Bioethics: addressing ethical issues triggered by disasters”

Disasters are becoming more frequent and more costly. They often require important ethical decision-making.
This project examined ethical dilemmas and issues in order to publish resources and to develop training materials for policy makers and humanitarian organizations, as well as healthcare professionals, researchers and the public. The aim was to train them in high-quality ethical decision-making in disaster settings, where limited resources meet great needs.

ISCH COST Action IS1303 "Citizen's Health through public-private Initiatives: Public health, Market and Ethical perspectives (CHIP ME)"

This initiative deals with the increasing availability of genomic data to the public, evoked among other factors through private sequencing services. It seeks to cope with new challenges that emerge, e.g., for the public health sector by linking existing initiatives and creating a community of researchers with a broad range of expertise.

Ongoing project with significant number of CSB Researchers

Project funded by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development:
“Rare diseases: molecular pathophysiology, diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, and social, ethical, and legal aspects”