Andrijana Milosevic Georgiev

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Andrijana Milosevic Georgiev was born in 1981 in Kruševac, Serbia. She graduated at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Belgrade University. She is a doctoral student and teaching assistant at the Department of Social Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Legislation of the University of Belgrade, and participates in practical work within the integrated studies courses: Introduction to Pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice, School of Pharmacy Law and Ethics, Health Management Basics. She is currently enrolled in doctoral studies within the module Social Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice Research and also in academic specialization studies in Pharmacy Management and Marketing. Andrijana'a main areas of interest are: applied ethics in pharmacy and biochemistry, research and development of pharmaceutical practice, public health, history of medicine. She is also a researcher on the project of the Serbian Ministry of Education and Science "Biomarkers of Organ Damage and Dysfunction".