Marina Stamenkovic-Radak, Phd

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 Elvio Baccarini


Marina Stamenkovic-Radak is Full Professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Biology and holds position as Principal Research Fellow at the Institute for Biological Research. She holds BSci, MSci and PhD in Biology from the University of Belgrade, had professional one year training at the  University of Edinburgh and two years of postdoctoral appointment with University of Arizona.
Her main research interests are population and ecological genetic aspects of stress, genetic changes at population level under environmental and genomic stress conditions, monitoring of population-genetic parameters affected by stress in natural populations, in areas polluted or fragmented to various degrees.  Genetic epidemiology and association studies in human populations came to her focus of interest in recent years, along with a growing number of PhD students.
Currently she holds the Genetics & Evolution Chair and PhD studies in Genetics. She is primary teacher of several courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels: Genetics, Developmental Genetics, Population Genetics, Forensic Genetics, Bioethics.  She is experienced in mentorship of numerous  PhD and  Msci theses in Populations Genetics.
She has participated in 2 international and 8 national scientific projects and was Deputy Coordinator of an international Tempus project related to hgiher education reform in biological sciences.
Marina Stamenkovic-Radak is a member of  The Genetics Society (UK), European Environmental Mutagen Society, Genetic Society of Serbia (Presidental Board), steering committees within Belgrade University and relevant ministries, and is member of teh National Board for Biosafety at the Ministry of Agriculture. As of 2013 she is member  of  the Serbian Unit of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics – Department for Education, as well as the International Forum of Teachers of Bioethics.